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Broad Street March - (3121-211-23311-timp,3perc)
shipped - $55.00
Traditional style march for Band or Symphony Orchestra

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Resolute Overture - (2021(Alto Clar, Bass Clar)-211-22211-timp,3perc)
shipped - $65.00
Resolute Overture is a work characterized by a brassy fanfare over a driving ostinato bass. The music appears to slowdown as the woodwinds take over and weave a complicated melody accompanied by the tubas including a canzona in 4 while the accompaniment is in 5. The opening statement returns in the woodwinds in an altered form leading to a return of the opening driving to a rousing finish.

View a non-printing PDF copy of the score. (528K)

Adagio and Allegro - (3252-211-43311-timp,3perc)
shipped - $65.00
Concert overture for band. Tonal. Essentially a theme and variations where the initial them gets juxtaposed over the last variation for a rousing finale.

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